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 As always, I am your host Norbert BM and this episode we will talk about the upcoming Windows 11 operating sistem

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Windows 11 is around the corner and what we shaw from the latest Microsoft presentation it will pack a puch, but the question is. Is windows 11 going to be a revolution for coders, bay making live easier trough better screen management , better communication posibilitis and allround performance.

Also I am a both win 10 and Mac Os user, and I use each of them for thiferent purpose. In my humble opinion thy are each great for specific task and not so greate for others.

Bu getting back to windows 11 I must say that Visualy, it hase some improvments with its frosty look, aldo it kind of remindes me of Windows Vista, yuck, but as long as it wont be as cloknig as Vista Im fine with just a visual and performance upgrade from windows 10.

I would say that from the get go we have 3 major Improvements, that we as coders, should look foreverd to:

  1. Snap layouts
  2. Externerl Monitor
  3. Microsoft Teams

Snap layouts

Windows 10 already had a excellent snap feature that made life so much easier for us, witch Mac OS is still lacking to this day, but from what Microsoft just presentment thy made it even better.

Snap layouts will lets us tile windows quickly and easily in different orientations, and we all now how helpful this could be when working on a huge project.

Externerl Monitor

I don’t want to say that you absolutely need a second or 3 or 4 monitor for coding, but it servantly helps. An I personally would never go back to a 1 monitor setup, hacek I would rather add more monitors to it.

Behind my I got a MacBook Pro hocked up to a wide screen and in the editing room I have a PC hooked up to 2 screens.

Microsoft claims that windows 11 will have a screen memorization system, witch for you mac users sounds familiar and for windows 10 users, say ha. Lets me explain. If you have a multi monitor system setup pluget in to a laptop and you have every thing organized nicely on all monitors, the moment you unplug the laptop every thing will be scrambled and will also remain so even after you plug it back in.

now in case of Mac user you know that this is not the case, and that all of your screens will remine exactly the same after you reconnect your MacBook.

By implementing the screen memorization system, Windows 11 be able to do the same thing as Mac OS dose. Whether or not it will be as good or if not even better we will see.

Microsoft Teams

Communication in a team is the key to success. Whether it is done trough facetime, zoom , Skype or Microsoft Teams is in my option irrelevant as long as it serves its peruse flowless.

And maybe this is the keyword here, flowless, and that is also why Microsoft went with Teams instead of Skype as the default integrated communication software in the new windows 11. Because for those of you how don’t remember when you started a conversation with skype you didn’t great at the start of the conversation but creamed out “can you hear me”.

Now if Microsoft Teams really will be the prefers whey of communicating will Shel see, but at least it comes with the OS by Default.


Whether or not Windows 11 will be an improvement for us coder only time and ofcors testing will tell.

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With this being sad, chach you nest time.

Link to Microsoft official Windows 11 website: Windows 11

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