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Leadership and Management

How dos the Organizer-Leader get results?

At the foundation of the best team stands a well Organized Leader!

You will most certainly achieve the best results as a Leader by having the best Team.


Effective Planning and Organization require the ability to create and use logical, systematic processes to achieve YOUR goals. Your skills at visualizing the steps needed to reach a goal and naturally organize the process, modifying it as necessary, are of essence.

As a Leaders you will use planning and organization to cast a broad net around what might happen. This is in order to create a plan that is robust enough to respond to the unknown.

By practicing your planning and organization skills, you will see that creating workable plans helps keeping the team members accountable and projects on track.

There is no “I” in “Team”!

Because there is no “I” in “Team”, as we well know, individuals most morph in to ONE by common goal. You should not confuse this with having a Zombie Team. But individuals with the same vision and still different stiles and methods of achieving it.

If you understand that the Team is made up of Individuals, then you also understand your essential role of organizing it.

Your job as the organizer is dedicated mainly to inluencing people to work in groups in a disciplined and systematic way.

Compared to a Authoritarian leader, he does not need inspired people, only followers who will do what is asked.

Then comes the Administrator leader, he does not need inspired people, only functionally capable people who follow rules and policies.

Each of these leadership styles influences people to get results, but they do so in very different ways.

How to create Leaders?

As a Organizer Leader you must be able to create groups and teams that do both strategic and tactical work. They participate fully in the organization through leading, managing, and planning. The organizer is a leader of leaders and is willing to let others lead.

The big upside on creating groups is gives many people the opportunity to learn more about both leadership and follower-ship. You essentially teach people how to lead. Providing them with the opportunity and responsibility to understand why it is important to develop leadership skills. As well as how they can do so.

The organizer influences people to do their work. Both strategic and tactical, by structuring the work into coherent processes as well as into sets of processes called systems. The result is a disciplined, systematic approach to doing work and achieving success.

The organizer style of leadership is highly democratic. As an Organizer-Leader you must ensures that the whole organization is operating harmoniously.

As a Organizer I believes strongly in following a disciplined approach before I take any action. A disciplined approach involves accumulating detailed knowledge and acting on there bases.

In summary, the organizer creates an effective set of:

This 3 most impact the Team to be more inspired and to play an active role in the execution of the vision.

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