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Join in on this amazing journey and become a student of the Web by taking the path of the apprentice web developer.

You journey starts at the HTML & CSS basics. Here you will learn about the skeleton of a web page and after that about its beautiful skin.

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Git & GitHub -Essentials for Version Control & Management

Learn the complete Git & GitHub environment & master managing your projects and your team like a professional developer!

What is Version Control?

What is Git?

What is GitHub?

Why Should I learn Git and GitHub ?

All this questions are answered here.

Git and GitHub are essential tools that sooner or later each developer needs to learn.

Hi! My name is Norbert and this is my Git and GitHub for complete beginners course.

Eider you are a freelancer or work at a company the probabilities that you will collaborate with others on a project or multiple projects, are prate hi to most certain. Even if you go full lonely wolf you still need some sort of backup, redundancy, version control and remote repository system.

No matter if you’re just getting started with (web) development, or applying for a developer job or if you just need to refresh your knowledge on Git and GitHub, version control and version management are a core skills and a must know for all developers.

The best toll on the market for version control are Git and GitHub, and they are the most popular version management and repository systems. Also the synergy between Git and GitHub makes them a reliable source for remote work. Also combining them with Microsoft Visual Studio Code will increase your development speed.

This course will guide you from a complete beginner with 0 knowledge of Git and GitHub, to be confident and efficient when working with version control and version management systems.

Prier Knowledge?

Absolutely No prier knowledge is required.

What will you learn ?

  • Essential Mac and Windows terminal commends for
    • Accessing files and directories using the Mac Terminal and Windows cmd
    • Creating and Deleting files and directories using the Mac Terminal and Windows cmd
    • Flagging files and directories using the Mac Terminal and Windows cmd
    • Copying, Renaming and Moving files and directories using the Mac Terminal and Windows cmd
  • What is Git and version management
    • How Git works and how to install git on Mac and PC
    • How to create a repository in git
    • How to add, commnit and log your commits to a git repository
    • What are branches, how to create, merge and delete branches
    • How .gitignore works
  • What is GitHub remote control
    • How git and GitHub work together
    • How to go from a local repository to a remote repository
    • How to create a GitHub Account, and your first Remote repository
    • How to connect and pushing to your repository, also log your pushing history and branches
    • What are Remote and local tracking branches
    • How to create a local tracking branch
    • From Local-Remote Workflow important commands
    • From Remote to local repositories with “Cloning
    • What is the upstream, branches with and without
    • How to delete branches and public commits
  • How GitHub collaboration works
    • What the difference between Public and Privat Repositories is
    • How to change a Public to a private repository and back
    • How to Fork a repository
    • How to create a pull request, accepting and merging the pull request to the main branch
    • How to add and remove collaborators from a repository
    • How to contribute to open source projects and repositories
  • How you can host your websites on GitHub
    • What is GitHub Pages and how it works
    • How to create a website using GitHub pages
    • What is a static site generator and how to create a static website and host it on GitHub
    • How to add more content to a website by adding multiple pages
    • How to publish and unpublish your website using GitHub Pages.
  • Real World Projects
    • Create and contribute to a modern-landing-page repository
    • Contribute to the BarniCoin-Blockchain (NOT A REAL BLOCKCHAIN)

Complete Bootstrap 5 for Beginners with real world Projects

Master Bootstrap and build real world websites using Bootstrap 5 components with HTML5 semantics elements + CSS3 & SASS


Course description

This course will take you from beginner Bootstrap to Master of Bootstrap 5 by  learning all of the utilities, components, widgets and grids and building real world themes and websites. You do NOT need to know Bootstrap 3 or 4  for this course.

Custom Bootstrap Sandbox

I have created a completely custom HTML learning environment for the first few sections of this course. Each lecture has an html page associated with it and has a start state. As we move along through the lectures, you will code along with me learn all that Bootstrap 5 offers including NEW icons, helpers/utilities, components, widgets, flexbox, grid, offcanvas and more.

5 Real Projects/Themes

We will create 5 real world themes. These projects are completely open source and you are free to use them anywhere. All files can be downloaded.

  1. Project – Bio website theme
  2. Project – Business Directory website themes
  3. Project – Resume website themes
  4. Project – Photo website theme
  5. Project – eCommerce website using Bootstrap 5 locally + SASS

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner front end developers who want to learn  there very first front-end framework.
  • Junior web developers who never used Bootstrap and want to learn it from scratch.
  • Back-end developers who wish to create quick ready to go prototypes.
  • JavaScript Web developers.
  • WordPress developers who want to create high quality WordPress templates using a front end framework.

30 HTML, CSS & JavaScript projects in 30 Days for Beginners

Build HTML, CSS & JavaScript Project each day for 30 Days & create your portfolio as a Beginner Front End Web Developer

—— Course Structure ——

So what are we building? 30 Projects as following :

  • I am NOT a Robot (Beginner project)
  • Stopwatch-Lap timer
  • Expandable Search
  • Digital Clock with interchangeable background img and focus section
  • Animated Navigation
  • Simple Typewriter Text Effect
  • Tabs Menu using data Attributes
  • Login Form Validation
  • Tip Calculator
  • Drag and Drop Cup Game – Find the Pea
  • Upload Progress bar
  • Text formatter
  • Simple Task List with Animations
  • Collapsible Accordion Tabs
  • Vertical Timeline
  • Test your Might- JavaScript Quiz Application
  • Background image gallery carousel
  • Simple Image carousel
  • Quote of the day-Random generator
  • Units Convertor
  • eCommerce sales Promotion countdown timer
  • Job Scout Website with Animated show hide buttons and text
  • Simple Project Manager
  • Create a Form using only the DOM
  • Random API Generator
  • Website with Dark Mode switch
  • Registry Form Validation using Regular Expression
  • Gaming Website with Expandable Cards
  • Storyteller with Autocomplete Text
  • Interchangeable Website Background Color


Master Responsive Web Design CSS Grid, Flexbox & Animations

Visual Studio Code – The Complete guide

Modern JavaScript and NodeJS from Beginner to Advanced

Learn JavaScript by building real-world apps and creating a beautiful portfolio of projects!

JavaScript is one of the top in demand programming languages and it is climbing to the very top!

Why JavaScript ?

This is a simple to answer, go to google and type in the search bar “Top 10 programming languages” if JavaScript is in the top 5 then take the Course. Not convinced, then go to google and type in the search bar “The 10 most in-demand programming languages for developers at top companies” if JavaScript is in the top 5 then take the Course.


Advanced CSS & SASS: Framework, FlexBox, Grid, Animations

Who is this course for:

  • NOT for Absolute Beginners!
  • Beginner CSS developers.
  • Freelancers .
  • CSS developers.
  • Front-end developers

Web Development HTML CSS & JS a 2020 Beginner to Advance

Learn the fundamentals of Web Development


This is a beginner friendly course. This course will tech you the Foundations of Web Development. This a more practical orientate Course. Aldo we will start up slow with some basic definitions, the main focus here is to have as much as possible hands on experience. Learning by doing is the key word. That means Examples, Assignments and Exercises!

At this point I would like to invite you to join me on this journey and enrich yourself with the foundations of web development. In this Course You will learn Modern HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript, and through applying them you will be able to building from Easy to progressively more complex responsive Responsive Web Pages.

Throughout the course we cover tons of tools and technologies including:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • CSS FelxBox
  • CSS Grid Layout
  • Projects
  • SASS
  • JavaScript
  • DOM Manipulation
  • JSON
  • Projects , Projects and more Projects 🙂

Start your journey by learning the basics. This is a excellent course for beginners or for dose that wish to refresh there memory.

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