VS Code version 1.16 Update , Font Awesome V6 Beta, having passion in coding ! – WCQ EP6

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  1. VS Code version 1.16 Update
  2. Font Awesome V6 Beta 

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New: Microsoft visual studio code released its september 2021 version 1.16 update 

  1. Split editors within the same group – Quickly create side-by-side editors for the same file.
  2. Locked editor groups – Select editor types to automatically lock in an editor group.
  3. Better display of deleted and readonly files – Tab decorations highlight deleted and readonly files.
    1. Editors with deleted resource appear with strikethrough and in red.
    2. Editors with readonly resources appear with a lock icon.
  4. Bracket pair guides – Display vertical guides to link matching bracket pairs.
  5. Fixed terminal dimensions – Set an active terminal’s width and height.
  6. Jupyter Notebook improvements – Table of Contents view, full debugging support.
  7. Platform-specific extensions – Publish different extension versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  8. Virtual Workspaces extension guide – Learn how to update your extension for virtual environments.
  9. Advanced container configuration – Tips, code samples, and videos to help configure development containers.

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Font Awesome v6 Beta

About Font awesome : is a vector icons and social logos provider for your website, it is baskily a set  icons toolkit.

What is new in V6 

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