Stress a big problem! How to eliminate it!

My positive thoughts

It’s not stress that kill us, but our reaction to it!

Today’s society holds a lot of pressure on us, so it’s easy to enter a stressed state of mind.

Stress is the 21st century illness, is due in particular to our alert, agitated and disorganized lifestyle, characterized in particular by lack of time, family troubles, disastrous economic conditions or the wrong decisions we take.

The level of stress differs from one individual to another. Untreated, it can severely damage your health and lead to other diseases such as digestives, cardiovascular, insomnia, migraine, skin diseases, diabetes and many other complications. At the same time, stress can also affect personal relationships and work because of nervousness it creates.

Causes of Stress:

  • Work
  • Financial losses
  • Health problems
  • You do not rest enough
  • Vices
  • Unemployment
  • Debt to banks
  • Family misunderstanding
  • Whatever causes your body a state of tension and an abnormal reaction

Symptoms of Stress:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle tensions
  • Sleep disorders
  • You feel a state of permanent fatigue
  • Breathing of the breath
  • Excessive sweating
  • You cannot focus properly
  • Nervousness
  • You use vices like alcohol and smoking to relax
  • You cannot relax because of the thoughts that are constantly grinding
  • Feeling a constant tension
  • Other physical, intellectual and emotional symptoms.

How can we get less stress in our life?

First of all, you need to be aware of the causes of stress in your case, write down and start thinking about ways you can eliminate them or a medical consultation. You can keep a daily diary in which you write down everything that stresses you, how you calm down, who or what exacerbates your stress. After you notice all these situations, you have to act.

You can use:

Relaxation techniques. Listen to relaxing music. Music can disconnect you after a bad day. Listen to your favorite musical genre (the most recommended classic music) or a song that you know can relax. Avoid hard music and the one containing sad messages. Keep the volume at a reasonable level. I like to listen relaxing music also when I go to sleep.


 Eat healthy. This goes hand-in-hand with exercise as a stress prevention method, of course. Become healthier and a major source of stress will disappear. Also, I’ve found that greasy food, for me, puts me in a worse mood and can contribute to stress levels immediately. Eat healthy and keep hydrated.

Be grateful. Choose gratitude to transmute negative emotion. I am grateful for my awareness to change my negative emotion into something positive. This might not be as obvious as some of the others, but developing an attitude of gratitude (I sound like a preacher with that rhyme!) is a way of thinking positive, eliminating negative thinking from your life, and thereby reducing stress. Learn to be grateful for what you have, for the people in your life, and see it as a gift. With this sort of outlook on life, stress will go down and happiness will go up. That’s a winning formula.

Relax throughout the day. It’s important to take mini-breaks during your work day. Stop what you’re doing, massage your shoulders and neck and head and hands and arms, get up and stretch, walk around, drink some water. Go outside and appreciate the fresh air and the beautiful sky. Talk to someone you like. Life doesn’t have to be all about productivity. You should also avoid using online activity too much as your de-stressing activity — get away from the computer to relax. 

Meditate and use mindfulness. Take your TIME …

because MEDITATION is no more selfish than eating or sleeping. I have run across so many people who would say things like meditation or reading a book is waste of time. Spending time with yourself is never a waste of time, everyone needs to clear their minds of everyday stress-not just work, but other things in everyday life.

Like a tree in autumn lets go of the leafs naturally, effortlessly and inevitably…

Be closer to your loved ones!

Each of us is unique in his own way. Think about how you went over a period of stress. It is very likely that you have created, without your awareness, a method to relieve stress. Use your own stress-fighting experiences.

And always remind yourself: Stress is what you make of it!


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