The difference between Initiator and Leader.

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The difference between Initiator and Leader

An Initiator is a person that takes an initiative in making something happen, a Leader is somebody whom people follow.

The Initiator dose not always needs a approval and may simply start his work. Most often this person is highly optimistic and enthusiastic regarding his product .

In our case not elected but assigned, a leader must have Authority. For people to accept a leader, his or her leadership must therefore be Undisputed.

Because people follow a leader, the leader has the last word upon the initiator. A leader can therefore enforce the initiator in order to make people work together towards a common goal.

A Initiator is not always a Leader but a Leader can always be the Initiator.

As my father always used to say: “As You are, I was, but as I am, you must still become!” He being the had of the family. 

The Initiators may lack the resources and or skills to execute the ideas. On the other hand it is of up most importance that the leader dos not suppress the initiator without firmly explaining the refusal and encouraging future initiations. Such suppression will lead to discouragement and will destroy a productive climate. 

For example over climate is based on gentile and funny “No’s”, most of them are actually directed at putting in more work in to the idea and hawing a more of a clear grasp on the process and the potential outcome. 

Why do we need to Plan our Initiation?

My favorite saying until this day is “First of all you need a plan in order for it to fail”.  Plans are meant from the start to fail, you only hear about dose that succeed. 

One of the main aspects that separates the Initiator from the leader is the ability of the leader to have a more broader vision of not only the outcome, which most lightly the initiator is pumped about, but also the process that is involved in order to get there.

An Initiator might bring out a new idea to the surface, however he may or may not have the capabilities to form a group of people who share a common set of beliefs about the product and who are willing to put in their time and energy.

In terms of difficulty level, I would say becoming a leader is much harder than being an initiator. Thoughts are easy, Ideas are easy. However accomplishing them is much harder , and that’s what a leader’s responsibility is.

Leaders can easily be initiators.

A leader can easily be a initiator but the initiator cannot become a leader easily without going through the tiring, slow, dis encouraging process which eventually makes one a leader.

Not only that the Leader, has a vision , which is a much more emphasized focused onto things other than the self. He is much more result oriented and is action oriented. He talks only when necessary and is focused more on the process rather than on the result.

A true commander can initiate ideas but an initiator may not be or become a leader. This is because whereas anyone can generate an idea, not everyone can guide.

For initiators to lead, they must possess the required traits and must be subjected to the rigorous testing process.

You cannot just wake up today and say you want to lead. 

Skills of a successful leader

There are certain traits a good leader should possess to succeed in their endeavors. For example:

  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to motivate others.
  • A good commander should exude confidence.
  • Another trait of a good commander is trustworthiness and integrity.
  • Self-determined.

What is Effective Communication?

Effective Communication is wen the goal and the path is clear for everyone.

What is the ability to motivate others?

The ability to motivate others enhances their work performance and the quality and output increases proportionately.

What happens if the leader is not confident?

People who are not confident in what they are doing cannot inspire and win the trust of their team members.

Is integrity important in a Leader?

The integrity of a leader should be beyond reproach. They should be people who are ready to ‘walk the talk’ or people who ‘mean what they say’.

What is a determined Leader?

A determined manager focuses on the goals and objectives of an organization. Meaning, they are creative, self-driven and persistent.

Initiator and Leader nutshell!

Agood leader must encourage, motivate and seek initiators.


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