How can you develop Self-Awareness?

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It is easy, PRACTICE!

But also extremely hard. And I don`t mean 1 or 2 hours in the day, but day and night. As much as it is humanly possible. Just reading a book on the subject matter mostly won’t cut it. It’s like wanting a six-pack, you can’t get a six-pack by reading about it, you have to put in the work.


Some of the best practices for becoming Self-Aware is by interacting with other people then analyzing their reaction predicated on your actions, then adjusting your initial action in order to get a better reaction. Hope this makes sense to you.

Contradictory to this is that practicing/working on your weaknesses is a waste of time, Self-Awareness is the way for you to clearly define strengths and weaknesses in order to avoid and exploit extremities.

Self-Awareness is the key to be more effective at what you can do. In other words, “do what you do best and outsource the rest”.

Strengths and weaknesses !

Now enough with the philosophy, let’s get down to some practical advice!

I studied structural engineering, and at the moment occupy a managing position. How did it come to this? What kind of impact Self-Awareness has had on my carrier decisions?  

In my childhood I sold clothes in the market at my mom’s business. I also loved to play with Legos, and almost instantly disassembled any electrical ore mechanical toy I ever had, afterward somehow managed to put them back together, and to my amazement it still works. In retrospective I was always drawn towards figuring out how things work. So I made this curiosity my strengths.

But I also discovered a weaknesses in this. After I figured out how something works, I immediately lost interest in it. This made me later realize in my carrier that planning, calculating, drawing the same things isn’t the way to go for me. I needed diversity.

Double down on your Strengths!

If you are wandering why I started the my story with “I sold clothes”, and what this has to do with constructions, hear is why.

The difference between selling something online and selling something up close and personal is, well I guess it’s pretty obvious, the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL part. There was something fascinating for me to see in someone’s eyes that the product I was offering brings enough value to them in order for them to pay me. That means that the customer acknowledges the Price you ask as being equal to the value brought to them.

Most often a direct transaction without involvement wasn’t the case, some explanations were required in order for the transaction to be successful, not to be confused with “convincing” but value added to the product. This can be accomplished for example by telling a story, as behind the scenes you could call it. Where did the product come from? How was it made? How old is the company, what other product are there and why you prefer to sell this one, etc…

More or less, I became Self-Aware of my ability to explain and create context predicated on the content. Now if you combine technical curiosity with the ability contextualize, you got yourself a problem solver. Most certainly not all problems are the same, and this is not a by the book solution and let me tell you right now, dare are not by the book solutions.

Short Story

Actually let me sell you a Brick. Let’s imagine there is a special brick in a brick wall, this wall is part of a house, and this house is part of a neighborhood. What if I told you that after that brick was laid by the worker he fell and injured himself, in a way that he couldn’t pursue his career anymore.

This led to a lawsuit and also delayed the construction. After the lawsuit was over the regulation regarding the maximum height at which a worker is allowed to work without scaffold was changed forever. This led to a safer environment for Construction Workers lowering the risk of injury but also raised the cost for construction.

This Brick that is in this wall of this house in this neighborhood is responsible for a change in the history of construction.

Would you like to buy this brick?


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