Beginner CSS 3 Crash Course

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This is a CSS Crash Course for absolute beginners or for those that want to refresh their memory on the basics of CSS 3.

If you just want to follow along with this video then Download the files below:

My HTML CSS SASS and JS Course

A few Notes about this Crash Course

  • All you need is a:
    1. PC or MAC
    2. Basics HTML knowledge
    3. Web browser:
      • Google Chrome
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Opera
      • Edg
      • Internet Explorer

Crash Course Content

  1. Basic
  2. Colors
  3. Fonts
  4. Positioning
  5. Pseudo-Classes
  6. Pseudo-Elements
  7. Display Flex
  8. Display Grid
  9. Creating a Landing Page using CSS

Writing & Editing CSS

  • CSS is Not a Programming language
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • Brackets
  • Notepad++

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a declarative language that controls how webpages look in the browser. The browser applies CSS style declarations to selected elements to display them properly. A style declaration contains the properties and their values, which determine how a webpage looks.

CSS is one of the three core Web technologies, along with HTML and JavaScript. CSS usually styles HTML elements, but can be also used with other markup languages like SVG or XML.

A CSS rule is a set of properties associated with a selector. Here is an example that makes every HTML paragraph yellow against a black background:

“Cascading” refers to the rules that govern how selectors are prioritized to change a page’s appearance. This is a very important feature, since a complex website can have thousands of CSS rules.

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