Advanced HTML CSS & SASS Course- Build and Deploy Modern Websites

Web Development

Learn Modern Web Development using HTML5, CSS3 Grid system & Flexbox, CSS Variables, Bootstrap, SASS, GitHub Repository

Web Development

Hello Everyone,
I am extremely excited to announce that, as promised, my Advanced HTML CSS and Sass Practical Course where we build and deploy real world websites and web application, is out today.

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The sole purpose of this course is to substantially increase your development speed, by avoiding to many slides and definition and working directly on real life projects.

That is why I have taken a complete practical approach to this course, teaching you css variables, calculation , flexbox & grid system and css effects by working on real life projects.

What will you learn ?

By taking this course, you will learn

  • How to create websites using HTML & CSS
  • How to create Responsive website by using CSS Flexbox and Grid Layout model
  • Visual Studio Code Extensions and Shortcut keys
  • Learn SASS / SCSS & create powerful reusable components like:
    • Button component
    • Alert component
    • Card component
    • Navigation bar component
    • Form component, witch, you will be able to use in all of your future projects in order to speed up your design process.
  • Create GitHub Repositories and deploy your projects for future editing and collaboration.
  • Website deployment on GitHub pages and Netlify.

What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking this course?

Prior knowledge

  • Knowing just the basics of HTML and CSS can help, but for dose of you that don’t know them I included a complete beginner HTML and CSS Fundamentals section where we build and deploy a blog website, teaching you all of the basics that you need to know.
  • For your more advanced developers you can take this as a short recap of your prior knowledge or just skip it entirely


A basic PC or Mac is sufficient. What I would recommend is a dual monitor setup, whether you have two monitors, a laptop with another monitor, or just a tabled for viewing the course and coding separately on your device.

Who is this course for?

this course is for :

  • Beginner web developers that just got started.
  • Beginner Front End web developers that want to consolidate their HTML and CSS skills.
  • Advanced Web developers that wish to enhance their skills and speed using Sass and Scss.
  • Front End web developers that want to create powerful reusable components for there UI/UX.
  • Back End Web developers that want to create quick prototypes.

For more information pls visit the link in the description, best price coupon codes are already applied.
So I can’t wait to se you in the course and ask my question if you gat stock.

With this being sad, I wish you a wonderful day.

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