10 Ways to find joy in the ordinary!

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Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary using the joy you can create inside of you. Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life. Not all moments in life are exciting, happy or out-of-this-world. But we can still get joy out of even the smallest of moments.

10 Ways to find joy in the ordinary

Here is a list of joy 🙂

1). Give joy, as a act of kindness 

Giving joy to others in complete selflessness is a beautiful thing. Do something nice to other people expecting nothing in change, for example say hello to someone you meet on the street or open the door to an old person and in change you will receive a smile. Is one of the simply way to give something nice an make someone else happy because joy is like a breath of fresh air when we can stop for a minute and look at how great life really is.

2). Enjoy Spending time with a friend

Joyful comes out from CHATTING or LAUGHING with a good friend. There is nothing better than spending time with friends and having quality conversations.

3). Take a walk

Spend time in nature.  Walking provides a significant benefit because it helps to relieve stress. Brisk walking boosts endorphins, the feel-good hormones that improve your mood and lower stress and mild depressions. Walking gives you more energy, which also improves your positive feelings.

4). Surprise someone with a spontaneous gift-giving

The most of us love going shopping. May you notice the perfect item you know your friend would enjoy? Get it for them! They will love the surprise of receiving a gift and it doesn’t even have to be their birthday.

5). Meditation

Take a break for a moment of peace in the midst of a crazy, busy life.  Make meditation a part of your morning routine, a quiet time for you to center yourself. This way, you’ll take your centered and peaceful nature with you throughout your day, which preemptively curbs any stress that may creep in later.

6). Find joy in Music !

Making a joy-filled playlist with help of Spotify or you can create one own. Whatever the feeling, it is based on emotion. Music has an impact on our mood, our memory, performance and wellbeing. 

7).  Spend some guilt-free time enjoying your hobby!

A hobby that gets you physically active can benefit your work performance on many levels, from generally being good for brain function to protecting against stress.  So embrace your hobbies, allow yourself to get engrossed in them, and enjoy a better work life!

8). Find joy by tring something new

Everyday can be an ordinary day, but it is our job to designate time in between our obligations to explore the endless possibilities of activities we could be involved in. Learn a new skill. Read a book. Try to have a conversation with someone new every day. “We do not remember days, we remember moments”. Cesare Pavese

9). Going for a drive

You don’t have to have a destination in mind.  When I’m stressed out, in need of an escape from everyone and everything, I like to go on long drives by myself. I get in my car, put the windows down, crank up some music and just drive.  It’s my cure-all activity. It’s so incredibly cathartic and relaxing. When I get home, I feel refreshed, revitalized and ready to take the world by storm.  If you’re not currently embarking on therapeutic drives, you better start.

10). Remember the joy!

Create a little happiness jar an d scribble notes about all the things that bring you joy, even the tiny things. That helps to bring attention to things that we might otherwise take for granted or overlook as being ‘nothing special’.

Be always in touch with joy and happiness!


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